Browncoat Gamers Rejoice!


Posted by Sam on Thursday, 3 Jan 2008

From Slice of Sci Fi

Joss Wedon’s “Firefly” series will get its own massively multiplayer online game (MMOG). The Multiverse Network, Inc., one of the largest and fastest growing companies responsible for MMOGs has only recently acquired the rights to develop the MMOG based on Whedon’s highly, but short-lived, popular sci-fi television series. 20th Century Fox optioned the rights to The Multiverse Network, Inc. for an undisclosed figure. One item that was revealed has Multiverse selecting and leading an independent production team to develop the project. Fox and Multiverse expect the offering to be available to the public through The Multiverse Network sometime in 2008.

“Fox’s Firefly series is set in an incredibly rich and exciting universe. It’s going to make a very compelling and unique online experience filled with adventure, humor, and mystery,” said Corey Bridges, Multiverse co-founder and Executive Producer. “It’s our hope that Firefly’s passionate and dedicated community of fans will enjoy the chance to become part of the story as they develop and explore the worlds of Firefly.”

Fox Licensing & Merchandising selected Multiverse to lead the evolution of Firefly into an MMOG because of the technical strength and advantages of the Multiverse Platform and the vision both companies share for the future of online entertainment, according to a report on MovieWeb.

“One of the first meetings I had when I joined Fox was with Multiverse,” said Adam Kline, Vice President of New Media Enterprises at 20th Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising Division. “We see virtual worlds as an extraordinarily promising new entertainment medium. This is a great opportunity for 20th Century Fox and for the fans of Firefly because Multiverse will deliver an experience that will remain true to the original series, while enabling a whole new level of personal involvement for fans.”

“In addition to our world-class technology, developers choose Multiverse for our network, which lets them launch their games into a built-in market of consumers who are just one click away from any game on that network,” Bill Turpin, co-founder and CEO of The Multiverse Network, Inc. said. “Firefly will bring in even more consumers, making the network that much more attractive to developers of other worlds.”

48 Responses

  1. I, for one, can not wait!

    I just hope it does not have super high system rec’s. My poor old Gateway laptop cant handle much more.

  2. Sounds fantastic, Wedon fans have been waiting for something like this.

  3. I am a bit nervous, it sounds like this is just a sample of thier gaming engine for developer consumers.

    I see no evidence they will devote time, energy and funds to build emersed stories or keep updating the game for content sakes.

    I am a huge firefly fan and am disappointed the license didn’t go to one of the larger already proven game studios.

    So we may get to see a beautiful game engine….. but there is more to a MMORPG then a good engine.

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  6. Why is this news now? It was announced umm LAST YEAR!

  7. It’s news again because it has now been rehashed with 2008 as a possible date of release…perhaps!

  8. <>

    This seems like an unreasonably short development time for something that would be even remotely be concidered a quality product. I sure hope that is a misprint…I would hate to see the universe butchered with a quick-release product.

  9. Mixed feelings on this. 1) It’s Fox merely trying to get more $$$ from the Whedon products, since they already screwed him out of producing more Firefly. While I’d like to see Firefly-related stuff succeed, the last line of the article merely confirms (to me) that Fox is only in this for the money that the name can get them, and not necessarily interested in creating a quality product.

  10. SliceofSciFi got this news wrong and have totally mislead you.

    is the link to the official press release and it’s dated December 8, 2006!

    In that whole time have they even release a single screen shot. So these guys are just getting our hopes up..the browncoat once again are being shafted.

  11. I don’t think it’s plausible to build an MMO in one year, which i’m sure the developers will learn shortly and thus continue to push back the date over and over again. MMO is a very tough genre, do it right or don’t do it at all.

  12. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate.

    What Multiverse said about this was that the BETA TEST would start in 2008. Nothing was said about a retail date.

    Beta testing is, you know, where they test the game – the part they’ve been building for 2 years – to make sure nothing’s broken, and when they (inevitably) find bugs, to fix them, prior to retail release.

    It has become quite common to have testers under NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) prior to retail; the lack of screenshots and whatnot might simply be by virtue of an NDA barring the people working on it from giving away media to the gaming press,

  13. I wonder if this will be able to be played through a console. Like you know how FFXI can be played through Xbox 360 and PS2? I wonder if the same will be done for this….I sure do hope so! Xbox 360 Live, anyone? 😀

  14. I’ll stick to my tabletop Serenity for now, if it’s all the same. My experiences with MMORPGs have not been heartening.

  15. Unless there’s a grind, it won’t last; and the “Firefly” universe isn’t really suitable to grinding. What, you’re going to become a Level 52 Vagrant Loiterer?

  16. I wonder if you’ll be able to role-play a member of the Alliance. Cos that would be cool.

  17. This is completely retarded. In no way is the Firefly universe’s backstory and sweep defined well enough for this to be worth a damn.

    Hold on to your $$$s and screw Fox out of their cut.

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  19. Boo Hiss to newscaper, and yeah to anyone championing Firefly – this is such as well-written series, better than anything around now, I reckon. The characters are diverse and beautifully developed with simple but defining strokes. Don’t believe me? Try watching it with the subtitles left on – you’ll pick up lots of nuances missed without them.

    And what a pure bit of shiny that Nathan Fillian’s (sp?) face was picked to be featured fifty stories high (or there-abouts) against a skyscraper in London, representing the heroic in everyman. (I’m hoping I have this right; my memory’s got more holes in it than the proverbial seive…)

    In any event – rock on Firefly/Serenity and any offshoots thereof. Bring on the games.

  20. The MMO deal was cut when Serenity was about to be released. With the failure (financially) of the film, the MMO was moved to the back burner. (which makes me very sad, I still think SF should cut the price and pick it up as a limited series)

  21. […] saw today that there’s going to be a Firefly MMORPG, and my first thought was the title of this post. I wish I could get excited about this stuff, but […]

  22. How much of this will Joss be writing?

    And will there be a Mac client (ala World of Warcraft)?

  23. Shiny.

    The movie wasn’t *really* a financial failure. It made back most of its budget in the theater, and did very, very well on DVD. But not well enough to justify an expensive video game.

    And though I’d be interested, without Joss and the rest of the gang involved in some way, it’s likely to be pretty lousy. Honestly, I’d rather have another season of Firefly or a sequel to Serenity (or, perhaps, a prequel).

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  26. Meh. I will say to nsaynne that, as much of a Browncoat as I am, I’m not holding my breath on this.

    As rich and deep as the ‘Verse is, it’s still ENTIRELY possible for something that Joss isn’t directly involved in (20th C FAUX is licensing it out, not him; remember?) to be flat, lifeless and boring.

    It has already been said that this will be Multiverse’s ‘flagship’ project – this is the one that’s going to show off all the gee-whiz effects and gizmos of their propriatary engine…that they’ll want to license out to others looking to start up MMOs of their own. This does NOT guarantee top-notch *writing* or *scripting*…

    All that said, I *am* still a Browncoat, and still have some kernel of hope hidden in the bottom of my barrel… ^_^

  27. Point taken JE. As Lily Tomlin used to say, “No matter how cynical I get, I just can’t keep up.” Still – will keep the homefires burning just a techni-mome longer, ever hopeful. Both Emo Philips and I both agree that some days (not most days mind you, just some) – it is worth it to chew through the leather straps.

  28. This news was broke dec 7, 2006 on slashdot, wired, whedonesqe etc…. this is nothing new. So its not “only recently” and there have already been rumors that the game is stalled because of financial problems within the company. Dont hold you breath people, and try to read some current events so your news isnt over a year late.

  29. You know, when I think of Firefly MMOG, I think of an extremely updated Tradewars concept. Anyone who’s old enough to remember BBS Door Games remembers Tradewars, and IMO I think the concept could be a perfect fit.

  30. Of course, odds are if it’s an updated Tradewars concept, people will just play Tradewars 2002 for free on their web browser. I’m guessing it’ll be a Star Wars: Galaxies clone, sans Jedi.

    You know what would rule? A game whose world is built around a fractal function such that its appearance and physics effects on the player can be quickly and easily calculated given any particular location on the world. Most games rely on pre-built maps, with some of the more innovative ones using pregenerated height fields, but nobody has, to my knowledge, actually tried to create any such function that would, say, generate a list of all polygons visible to a player if they are currently at position theta-phi-r on a planet generated from a particular fractal seed. At least, not since FractInt came out (which is like 20 years old now and can’t even run under Windows XP.)

  31. It takes a long, long time to develop a mmorpg. I heard this news on The Signal back in 06 or early 07, they even interviewed the people behind the project. I personally don’t like the Multiverse engine, and don’t think it compares well with the current commercially viable mmos. I hope they can do something good with the licence, I think there is a good depth to the Joss verse and with good immersion and storytelling it has great potential. It is doubtful that it will compete with the current leading space mmo though it’s an awesome game that offers you the chance to do what ever you like in it.

  32. I think it’d be great. I’d pay to play it!

  33. I need a reason to love an MMO again. so… bored… (gasp) … with… ones…. outhere… NEEED SALVATION. Gimme Firefly!

  34. If you need a reason to run and hide, just investigate Star Wars Galaxies.

    Licensing content for an MMO inherently causes conflict between good game mechanics and fealty to the original work. They are often at odds, and the flopping around to make everyone happy doesn’t usually make very many people happy.

    Be happier that it’s less likely to be published. As a Firefly / Serenity fan, and MMO player since 1995, I have no interest in this game whatsoever.

    Just imagine what horrors Fox will pull just to try to squeeze more money out of this title.

  35. Have you seen “Dark Universe” yet. Just wanted your comment.

  36. I know most of you browncoats are cynical about this, but don’t you think it’s safe to say making a game like this sell means to cater to the regulars and not to mass gaming community?

    On top of that, don’t you think there is a large cross-section on the Venn Diagram between MMO players and Firefly fans?

    Star Wars was and is a huge enterprise; one that could bring young children and older folk to the MMO world. Firefly on the other hand was very successful with women and has its hardcore fan base. Star Wars has large amount of passive fans as it was a landmark in film history. Firefly as an MMO is only as sustainable as its fan base, so I’m less then cynical about any company’s approach to an MMO.

    There are things that can be done to make this successful for everyone. Making the Alliance playable would be one thing. Being a bounty hunter/assassin would be even more awesome. I’d love to fly solo and live in the grey. There is enough of an unexplored universe and hopefully we’ll all be treated to something good.

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  38. Just finding the news has the theme music running in my head. Heck, I just loaded the 50-second tune onto my iPod because I could. Anyway, I’m worried about the lack of concrete info between ’06 and now, but if it does like Mount&Blade and runs Beta for a year or two with people playing to suggest additions and fixes, it may work.

    Then again, the TaleWorlds crew (Mount&Blade again) are extremely passionate about their project. If it’s just the greedy corporate so-and-so’s of FOX trying to squeeze out a little more money from this amazing storyline, then it’ll crash faster than Simon in a bar.

    Please, for the love of the eternal sky, DON’T SCREW THIS UP! *sigh* That’ll be all.


  39. I know I say it for those who are MMO addicts: BRING IT!

    I have loved the show and was fuming alike all other browncoats out there when it was cut. I am buying an HD DVD Player and buying the HD Version as we speak of the movie (Serenity) and love the story.
    I understand the doubt of whether or not it will shine, but I am game for anything in this ballpark. fraks sake, I played SWG up till NGO, so I am willing to go anywhere there is a possibility of space and a real interaction, like EVE, but without the huge immersion would be shiney.
    Just my 2 cents.


  40. Besides the awesomeness of being able to revisit the Firefly Universe, this could also provide the chance to actually fly in a ship with other players. There should, of course, be ships other than those of the Firefly-class. The ship that docked with Serenity in “Out of Gas” was pretty cool.

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