New Wargaming Podcast coming soon!

SamuraiGunslinger is proud to anounce it’s association with

Our first episode is set to debut on our feed ( will post here when its up ) on Tuesday, May 13th.

Every other week, This Week in Wargaming will feature a group of Hobby Wargaming Press, Podcasting or Industry guests to discuss not only the news and new releases of the week, but also controversial issues in the Wargaming community. We hope to approach each issue from all sides and provide both an excellent resource as well as an entertaining show for the Wargaming hobby community at large.

The first episode will feature some wonderful guest hosts from the following premier Wargaming Hobby Podcasts.

40k Radio


The Drop Podcast

The d6 Generation

Our topics will include the top news items of that week plus the following controversial issues to be debated by our expert panel of Hobby Podcasting Luminaries.

Professionally Painted Miniatures: We will discuss and debate what place, if any, professionally painted miniatures and armies have in the hobby. From pre painted miniatures games like AT-43 and Star Wars Miniatures to professional painting services and Ebay purchased armies, we will cover all aspects of this fascinating issue.

Pre-Painted Miniatures Games: Here we will focus on the various pre painted miniatures games themselves. How do they compare with the classic style miniatures games like Warhammer, 40k and Warmachine. Are they a way to get new people into our hobby or are they a distraction that only appeals to the lowest common denominator. We will have a lively discussion with supporters and detractors of this style of gaming.

Why do you Love your Favorite Game: All the hosts will discuss what their favorite miniatures wargame is and why. We will not try to decide which is better but only to determine what it is that makes each game stand out for each of our hosts.

Look for episode one of This Week in Wargaming on your favorite podcatcher on May 13th 2006

40k Radio Episode 8 released


In this episode the guys cover several cool topics and do a very interesting review of the new Sabol Army Transport – Divison Case. As always I recommend it for anyone interested in Warhammer 40k.

Here are the show notes, you can read more details and download the episode here: 40k Radio

0:00:00 – Opening

0:06:46 – Armorcast

0:07:30 – GW Update

0:13:44 – Bitz Box

0:14:14 – 3rd Party products – Sabol Division Case

0:23:27 – Total Wargamer

0:23:54 – Hobby U – Painting Madness Continues with Part 3

0:32:49 – The Big Waaagh!!! You should already be signed up to go to this!!!!!!!

0:33:14 – Tips and Tactics – hunting The Fallen with the Dark Angles

1:02:28 – Mail Call


1:16:47 – Ending

AT-43 Cogs Preview and Plans for the Future from Rackham

Rackham recently released a .pdf with some very interesting sneak peaks into thier future plans. For those without acess to a adobe at work or just dont feel like downloading the file I have transcribed the important bits here. If you want to dowload the entire .pdf I will have it available at the end of the post.

The coolest bit is this piece of preview art for the Cog faction due out later this year.


The next AT-43 faction will be the Cogs.

The civilization designated by this name has not developed as a coherent whole. It is not held together by an sense of belonging. The Cogs do not feel they belong to the same species, race or any other word used by more primative life forms. The Cogs are a relatively loose alliance of four genetic bloodlines. The best and more advanced lineages their original species ever gave birth to. Each bloodline is considered a civilization of its own. They are the closest to what non-cogs generally qualify as a species.”

In addition to this they have given us a quick rundown on their plans as well as a number of answers to community questions.

We are working on several projects for AT-43.

Just before the new Operation: Frostbite campaign (available for GenCon USA), we are going to publish an augmented version of the Damocles campaign developed in Cry Havoc last year. This
Campaign Book will compile the elements previously published and will include rules for the Karmans. So this campaign will be playable with all the factions presented in the Army Books.

In September, just after Operation: Frostbite, we will publish AT-43 – Tactics. This book will complete and improve the rules tested by the readers of Cry Havoc. These two supplements, Campaign Book – Operation: Damocles and AT-43 – Tactics, are an answer to strong demands on behalf of our players. Each book will be complete and will take into account all the miniatures available by the time of their release. Later their will be a new game mode dedicated to heroic pilots and their vehicles: Armored Heroes.

There has been some concern over how attachment boxes are being handled in AT-43. This seems to be rectified with newer releases such as the Karman’s. Is Rackham planning on re-releasing these older attachment boxes (Therians, UNA, Red Blok) in a more logical manner to reflect how the newer boxes are handled?

Indeed, we have solved the packaging problem with the arrival of the fourth army, the Karmans. The next Attachment Boxes and the new rules introduced by Operation: Frostbite will benefit from a new packaging to make sure everything in the box can be played.

Prior to the AT-43 release we saw a supposed Rackham concept mini – a robot or power armor suit – that I can only describe as being very “anime” in design. Was this a Rackham design? Whatever happened with it? Will we see it again?

It is a Rackham miniature indeed, but it was made during the pre-production phase of AT-43. It allowed us to carry out technical tests for combat striders notably: nature of the plastic, number of
pieces per mould, number of moulds needed to produce a large piece, and so on.

While we were adjusting the industrial production technical details, the universe of AT-43 was evolving. In the end, the faction, to which this robot belonged, did not make the final cut in the
development of the first edition of AT-43. For the time being, it is not on the production plan. However, it could find its way into the Rackham Legends range.

Will the other AT-43 faction’s Type 3 heroes be AFV bound as well?

When will we be seeing support units for AT-43?
These units will be playable with the Attachment Boxes thanks to the new rules from Operation: Frostbite.

There has been some controversy about the Operation Frostbite playtest rules. As Frostbite is so close to release, is there any chance that these rules will be changed based on feedback from players?

We asked the community to test and contribute to balancing the rules for Operation: Frostbite. We always intended to consider their feedback. What would have been the point if we didn’t?
In my opinion, the community gathered around our games should take part in the development of certain aspects of our universe. This doesn’t mean we don’t know want we are doing. Of course, therewill be no consensus possible when you allow thousands of players to give their opinion, but there is always a tendency that appears.

Concerning these tests, they allowed us to evaluate the level of complexity we could introduce with extra rules. In addition, it also helped us avoid certain mistakes. Though our team is the architect behind the game, it is only logical to ask the community when we
are having hesitations. We are thinking about doing it again later in order to associate the gamers to selected projects

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Special Thanks to Peter from CorpCommander.

Peter, the webmaster over at CorpCommander posted a nice little referral for me on his site and I am very pleased to return the favor. He has a lot of great gaming related stuff and some cool photo posts for AT-43 as well as reviews of a number of other games that are very well done. I will be adding him to my feed and if you like what you see here, I recommend the same.

Thanks again Peter!

The Physics of Iron Man

By James Kakalios 04.23.08 | 4:00 PM

A real-life version of Tony Stark’s amazing suit would require more energy than a nuclear power plant can produce.
Tony Stark’s amazing suit is a long way from realization, mostly due to practical energy constraints.As a comic book fan and physics professor, I am looking forward to the big screen debut of Iron Man. This is due, in part, to the fact that instead of getting belted with gamma rays or being born a demon from hell, industrialist and scientist Tony Stark got his super powers by means of his engineering genius.

But just how realistic is Stark’s amazing suit?

Sadly, nearly all of the features of the Iron Man suit, with one important exception, are not likely to be realized anytime soon. Let’s look at each of the suit’s major elements in turn.

Jet boots

The reason that we don’t fly to work using boot-mounted jets as Iron Man does has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with energy. We know how to achieve thrust and propulsion using personal jet packs, and a person can indeed fly from home to their place of employment like Buck Rogers or Adam Strange — provided they live 30 seconds from work.

The problem is that lifting a full-grown person 100 feet into the air considerably increases their potential energy, and that gain in energy must come from the stored chemical energy in the jet pack. Ditto for the energy required to zip around once airborne. You just can’t store enough energy to make long flights without making the suit too big to wear. So jet boots alone don’t make Iron Man an escapist fantasy, but the idea that Stark could store enough energy in his suit to fly for more than half a minute does.

Repulsor rays

Similarly, the directed energy weapons Iron Man uses, such as the “repulsor rays” built into the palms of his gloves, should require that Stark drag along a large power generator whenever he faces off against the Mandarin or Titanium Man. I’m not exactly sure what a “repulsor ray” is, but if it’s anything like a high-power laser, then the energy demands are considerable.

Even assuming that Iron Man can convert any stored energy in his suit into laser light with 100 percent efficiency, then to generate a beam powerful enough to melt a fist-size hole through a half-inch thick steel plate (which any comic book fan can tell you is well within Shellhead’s capabilities) would require an energy pulse of more than 2 gigawatts of power, greater than the output of a nuclear power plant.

Cybernetic helmet

There is one aspect of Iron Man’s armor that is not only scientifically sound, but may be available for our use someday soon: the “cybernetic helmet” Tony Stark uses to control the devices within his armor. When Iron Man wants to discharge his palm-mounted repulsor rays, he does not have to manually release a safety switch, enter a firing sequence code or even pull a trigger — he just tells the supervillain to “talk to the hand” and fires!

In fact, Bin He of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota has already created a helmet much like Iron Man’s. It works on the principle that neurons’ electrical currents create electric and magnetic fields, which can be detected with devices such as the electroencephalograph, or EEG. While the EEG has been around since the 1920s, recent advances in signal processing have enabled scientists to isolate and identify the firing signatures of neurons associated with particular motor-imagery tasks.

Professor He identified the specific firing pattern that arises when a person, watching images on a computer monitor, tries to mentally move a cursor to the left or right. These detected frequencies can then be amplified and, when suitably modified, can instruct the computer to move the cursor in the same direction.

Of course, He is not interested in developing control helmets for crime-fighting superheroes, but hopes to develop devices that will enable people with paralyzing injuries to communicate more easily, or eventually to activate artificial limbs and prosthetic devices. To those trapped within unresponsive bodies, the development of a device that could “read their thoughts” would trump the wildest adventures in any superhero story.

James Kakalios is a professor at the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Minnesota and the author of The Physics of Superheroes (Gotham, 2005), now available in trade paperback.

Star Trek Fans Unite!!!

The guys over at the Scifi Surplus podcast are having a very cool contest to determine the greatest sci fi franchise of all time.

They polled their listeners for a month or so and came up with the top 16, and now they are having a Sweet 16 style tournament to determine the best.

Im having fun with it but I want to rally all of my brother trekkers and trekkies to ensure that the greatest franchise in all of sci fi is the one that comes out on top.

Check out the top 16, and cast your votes here.

SciFi Surplus Scifi 16 Tournament

Preview of Therian Baal Golgoth

A very nice pic of the work in progress version of the Therian Baal Golgoth.

Very cool looking and I like that it’s big without being oversided for the tabletop.

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