More Cog Previews, and FireCrawler Unit Card

I love the fire crawler, and Im still hopefull for the cogs although the previews are still somewhat underwealming. Keeping my fingers crossed that the cogs will turn out to be a cool faction. It will all come down the the cog afvs for me I think.

Comic of the Day AT-43 Comic, Accuracy of 1

This is something that allways bothered me about wargames, although AT-43 is better than mosed since to hit rolls are range based. Many weapons are an auto hit at point blank range.

Unless your playing Red Blok ;(

Battlefield Evolution, Modern Combat Released

I have been looking forward to this one for a while, and from my experience with the origional Battlefield Evolution I can tell you all that this is an excellent game. The system is simple and easy to play while still being relatively realistic and true to real world military tactics.

Well worth giving a shot if you enjoy 28mm scale combat. The fact that the game is fully compatible with any number of excellent armor and infantry models makes it very easy to field a sizable army without great expense.

The latest title to join the Battlefield Evolution range will be appearing in your local stores this week – Battlefield Evolution: Modern Combat.

Covering forces of the past decade, and ultra-modern of a few years into the future, Battlefield Evolution: Modern Combat is easy to learn, quick to play, but may take years to master. There are a huge number of options for every military force in the book, which include;

  • British Army
  • United States Marines Corps
  • United States Army
  • Russian Army
  • Chinese People’s Liberation Army
  • Middle Eastern Alliance
  • German Heer

Suitable for scales of 1/72nd/20-28mm, Battlefield Evolution: Modern Combat also includes a range of scenarios, the Engagements system to create your own scenarios, and a complete campaign. A preview of the book will be appearing in next month’s Signs & Portents.

Space Marine Rumors, Marneus Calgar

From the master rumor mongers at Bell of Lost Souls

Marneus Calgar
First off, Marneus Calgar is described as awesome; the Abaddon of loyalists. Not simply because he’s an outstanding fighter but because of the support he provides for his army. He gives all Ultramarines the ability to pass or fail any Leadership test (other reports say morale checks). This is a superior ability to Combat Tactics as that only works in CC and the marines can normally only choose to fail.

Marneus also has a rule called “God of War” which allows him to re-roll virtually anything (shooting to hit rolls, attacks rolls in assualt, to wound rolls). It is basically the psychic power Warp Time, but is always on and works with Marneus’ shooting. His storm bolter built into the Gauntlets of Ultramar is AP2. Marneus had 4 base attacks on his statline and is armed with two powerfists. ~you do the math

Calgar possesses Eternal Warrior without any mention of a mantle. Power armour is apparently no longer an option for him, but his “Honour Guard” are still in power armor. Finally, he’s wearing his Terminator armour with an additional 4+ invulnerable save.

Honor Guard Vs Command Squads
There is a bit of confusion regarding these units so here are some other morsels we’ve heard. Honour Guard and Command Squads are two different things. Only “Chapter Masters” can get Honour Guard and they cannot take apothecaries (so no Honor Guard-Feel No Pain combos). Command Squads are available for company captains. The leader of the Command Squad is the company champion who gets to re-roll all hits against enemy ICs.

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40k Radio, Live from Gamesday Chicago

The crew of 40K Radio hits the road once more. This time we head off to Chicago to check out Games Day 2008.
We had a great time and got to meet alot more Freebootaz! Plus we got to interview a few Black Library Authors and we take an indepth look at what Games Day has to offer!
We also welcome Scott Steva, the newest member of the 40K Radio staff to the show. He gets all excited and announces a brand new contest! The Freshmen Sticker Contest!
As Always here is a break down of the show
0:00:53 – Opening
0:03:42 – Armorcast
0:04:13 – Black Library Author – James Swallow
0:17:44 – The War Store
0:18:14 – Black Library Author – Mike Lee
0:29:27 – The Screeming Weasels “Chicago”
0:31:09 – Chris Gohlinghorst – US Community Development
0:51:23 – Bitz Box
0:51:53 – Ending

For episode download or to play in browser click here: 40k Radio Live from Gamesday Chicago 08

This Week in Wargaming E5 40k 5th Edition



Comic of the Day, Why genres shouldn't Mix

Todays comic is from Ctrl+Alt+Del