40k Radio – Live at Gamers Haven



Yesterday we all piled into the car and drove down to Gamers Haven to celebrate the release of Warhammer 40K 5th Edition. We had a great time down there, we got to talk to a bunch of people, hang out, AND had the 1st Ever Punch in Challenge! It was a blast!

If you live in the Cleveland Area go stop in an see them. Or if not you can visit their website at www.screamingdragon.com.

The Armorcast Guys were there as well, and they hop on the show during Hobby U to tell us about some of their amazing products.

Also Wally, the Owner of Gamer’s Haven makes his Radio Debut!

In Tips and Tactics we have 40K Freeboota armorcast-mike and Former Firebase Magazine Editor Brandon with a host of other people to continue talking about 5th Edition. This we are looking at the Movement and Shooting Phases.

We want to say a Special Thanks to Wally, and the gamers that go to his store. They really made us feel at home and we had a great time!

Click Here for full show notes and dowloads: 40k Radio

0:00:00 – Opening
0:02:56 – Bitz Box
0:03:26 – Wally – Owner of Gamers Haven
0:12:51 – Armorcast
0:13:21 – Hobby U – Part 1
0:22:19 – “Because I’m Awesome” – The Dollyrots
0:25:32 – Hobby U – Part 2
0:33:08 – The War Store
0:33:50 – Tips and Tactics – 5th Edition Part 2
1:09:13 – “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” – Drowning Pool
1:12:34 – Punch in Challange – Results

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