TWiW Episode 15 11-21-08

TWiW Episode 15


Show Notes:


Privater Press confirmes plastic Warmachine figs, and Matt Wilson’s response to fan reaction.

New 15mm Building Bases from Crescent Root.

New Fantasy Releases from Splintered Light

Catalyst Games makes proposal for Wizkids Properties

Catalyst Games announces new Jihad timeline ebooks for Battletech

Warlord Games announces new plastic ECW and TYW figures

Coat D’Arms releases Super Shader

New Releases now available for UNCHARTED SEAS

Okko Boardgame now releasing Minatures

New Marine Vehicle and Accesories from Forgeworld

Forge World releases the very expensive Watchtower of Amun Sun

Ollies Armies Sci Fi Halfling Infantry previews

Grindhouse Releases updates on Incursion Boardgame

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So the solo show did not come out so well :-(

I tried twice to put a solo show together and it just did not come out right, and rather than put crap up on the feed I have decided to wait for Zac this friday and go with that show for next tuesday.


I am going to have to put some time into coming up with a format that I like for those times when I might have to go solo again on the weekly show. Sorry to everyone for this week but trust me, Im doing you all a favor 🙂


See you all next week for a regular TWIW


Big Troy

One day delay this week

Unfortunately Zac could not make it for this weeks show due to much more important issues. I had to put a solo show together and will have it up on the feed tomorrow.

Hopefully everything will better for Zac this week and we will be back on schedule.

Till then


Big Troy

Warhammer 40k Orc Battlewagon and Warbike Previews

Here are a nice set of previews of the upcomming Warhammer 40k Ork Battlewagon and the Forgeworld Warhammer 40k Ork Nobs on Warbikes and Warhammer 40k Ork Warboss on a Warbike

This Week in Wargaming Episode 14 11-07-08

This Week in Wargaming Episode 14


Troy McCauley, Host of TWiW

Zac Belado, Editor TTGN



GW Stegadon Preview Photos

Precision Models Releases 28mm Hedgerows

Ultraforge Drops Prices

Dark City Releases Thormarillion

GF9 Posts Warclaws Teaser

Litko Announce custom 20 token set

Holiday Hell Xmas Packs

Hydra Miniatures first Birthday Sale and New Release

Dark Realm New Releases

Brigade Release Iron Cow Company Packs

AE WWII Rholingsoldat Preview

New Release from Ninja Magic

New Forgeworld Pre Orders

Apocalypse Z available for Pre Order

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TWiW Eposide 13 for 10-24-08 (sorry again for the delay)

Well were back, with Episode 13, hope you all enjoy the show.

This Week in Wargaming, Episode 13

Troy McCauley Host of TWiW
Zac Belado from Table Top Gaming News

News Topics for this week,

Orc Battlewagon, Zac retracts his earlier dislike of the model

D&D Miniatures Skirmish Game Ends

Warhammer Ancients War At Sea ruleset announced

Secrets of the Third Rich shows preview of new miniatures ( Including a Transformer !!!! )

Grindhouse Announces: Incursion – A Wierd War version of Space Hulk announced

Avatars of War: Arena Deathmatch available in free .pdf and for sale online.

Perry Minatures Napoleonics now Available for Sale

World Works Games Releases Cardstock Mayhem Bank .pdf

Otherworld Miniatures : 28mm Fantasy Minatures

Consortium Minatures : Mantis figure, and .pdf Sci Fi Skirmish rules

Flames of War Fortress Europe Release and Special deal for owners of Festung Europa

War Machine Legends Special Force Lists updated and official for tournament use.

GF9 War Cogs now available for Warmachine Players

Zenit Miniatures post previews of starter packs for the upcoming Nemisis Fantasy Skirmish game.

Ambush Alley releases Ambush Zed – Modern Combat/Zombie Apocalypse game

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Hiatus Ends Tomorrow

After the server issues and the crazy city wide celebrations of the last few days TWiW will resume tomorrow.

Episode 13 will go up tomorrow night after work and we will resume our regular schedule next week.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and I hope we are able to avoid any other missed episodes.


I will be taking a hiatus for the holidays on thanksgiving week and again on christmas week but otherwise we should be on track every week.


Have a great week everyone and good gaming to you all.