Warhammer 40k New Imperial Guard Rumor Roundup.

180px-codex_imperial_guard_3ev2Here are a collection of Imperial Guard Rumors. We will continue to update this as new rumors are found.

New Vehicle rumors updated as of 2/10/09 : Click here for tread head heaven!

 Plastic Valkyrie Preview Updated 2/10/09

Rumors brought to the community by Warseer’s: Gropius and 75hastings69

Hi all, its pretty quiet today, but the following is reported regarding the upcoming IG codex.

-Return of the Griffon mortar carrier and other “old units”
-New weapon options for Sentinels and a sprue recut with the new options added.
-Sentinels are said to be split into 2 diffent FOC options based on weapon loadouts (basically heavier armed ones won’t be able to scout)
-New Sanctioned Psykers
-New Ratling Snipers
-May 2nd release for the codex and other initial offering.


Rumors brought to the community by Warseer’s: druchii lord narackh and philbrad

Hi guys:

Latest rumbling regarding next year’s IG codex:

-No more doctrines
-Tanks will be in squads
-Many special charaters that will provide army wide rules like those in new SM codex
-Chimera and Hellhound might come in one combo boxed set
-Troop squads may be in the pricerange of 200Pts for 45 Guardsmen
-Many new models

MODEL RUMORS (only a sampling)

Plastic Valkyrie ( multiple Confirmations on this one! )

-Plastic StormTroopers (Also heavily confirmed)
-Leman Russ multi-variant all plastic kit
-Hellhound updated
-IG Command Squad plastic kit

There is a new HQ choice referred to as a “Fleet Officer”. This fine chap gives you access to different types of orbital bombardments every turn. There are other officer “types” to select from that give other abilites including a Commissar Lord.

New Commissar Lord is available as a new HQ choice with dual models.

Plastic Command Squads; Cadians and Catachans are said to both be getting plastic command squads.

Infantry Squad Recuts; Infantry boxes are rumored to be repackaged as 2 sprues containing eight guardsmen and a single heavy weapon team in each box; similar to what was done to the Eldar Guardian kits.

Plastic Stormtroopers are on the way.

Plastic Valkyrie is on the way. This is said to be a transport option for the Stormtroopers and possibly other select squads. Kits have been visually spotted. The Valkyrie will be interesting as it is said to be a skimmer only in the codex. The idea is that flyers never exist in “straight 40k” so the Valkyrie keeps its flyer/skimmer modes as published only in Apocalypse. Price is said to be £35/US$50, and the kit is fairly large (roughly Land Raider sized)


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  2. Leman Russ multi-variant all plastic kit is confirmed and you will be able to build every variant that Forge World do. I also belive it is going to be the same price as it is at the moment.

    There is also going to be a new Banblade box containing all the variants that Forge World do including the shadowsword and the stormlord out of Apocolypse Reloaded.

    The plastic Valkyrie is going to be priced at around 25 pounds not 35 pounds, and is ment to be a really nice model.

  3. hey i was just wondering if ther is going to be any imperial guard moto bikes or jeeps and if orgrys will get plastic kits . if you know any think about these things pleas tell me and i would like to know when it is all beeing released.


  4. I havent heard anything yet about imperial guard bikes or jeeps or plastic orgrys, but GW is keeping the release of the Imperial Guard very close to their chest at the moment. I have heard and seen the new Commissar Lord model and it looks really cool and nice. Their is also going to be plastic storm troopers to go with the Valkyrie as well.

  5. well thank for that i will kept that in mind its just a squad of moto bikes of jeeps would be quiet nice for an ig ary and do you know any prices yet

  6. it would be nice they have done the ork battlewagon so I wouldnt be suprised to see an IG one very simaler.As for prices on the Commissar Lord and Storm troopers, dontknow. But I wouldnt be suprised if I didnt have to pay around £7 for the Commissar lord and about £15 for the Storm Troopers. I have heard a rumour that a Warhound Titan in plastic is coming out towards the end of this year or early 2010. As for the new codex poss May release. But dont hold your breath as GW is keeping everything very close to their chest at the mo.

  7. Tank squadrens rumor is probably false due to balancing issues. Honestly, does 9 tanks sound fair?

  8. Tank squadrens have been confirmed but you can only take one per army as a Heavy Support choice, so the maximum you will ever have to face is 3. Hope that helps, and know 9 tanks dosen’t sound fair even for me as a guard player.

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