Link issue with Episode 27(NOW FIXED)

UPDATE 8:45 est 3-24-09, I re uploaded the episode with a new title, it is working now both in iTunes and direct download. I ran a test both ways and all is good. Thanks to everyone who let me know about the problem.


Hello everyone and thank you all for letting me know about the problem. I have already been in touch with Libsyn customer service and apparently there was some problem with my upload last night. I dont know if the iTunes is working as I cant check anything from here at work and had to wait until lunch to make this post.

I will make this priority one, and get it fixed even if I have to just re download the episode. I should have it handled by about 7:30EST tonight.

No idea what happened, it shows up as normal on my Libsyn media list but when I try to play it even from my own Libsyn site I get the link broken message.

Sorry for this, but this one was a Libsyn issue and I have no control other than to try it again.

Thanks once again for everyone who has given me the heads up.



This Week in Wargaming (Fixed) 27 3-20-09


Topics for this weeks episode:


Listener Questions

What Zac and I are playing

Black Scorpion preview a truly GIANT giant

Warlord Accepting pre orders for Pike and Shotte plastics

Avatars of War Dark Elf Witch Queen released

Avatars of War, War Priest Preview

New Perry Brothers plastic napoleonic pre orders

Comfy Chair Games Spider Mech previews

Litko releases Trafalgar Templates and token sets

Trafalgar Fleet Mega Deals!!!

Naval Thunder: Clash of Dreadnoughts

Painted Hans the Hunter, Incursion figure preview from Grindhouse Games

New Russian Land Ironclad releases

Dark Realm post Hostile Stars Teaser

Brigade Games Atomic Cafe 1957 ( yes this does have something to do with zombies)


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TWiW Episode 26 3-13-09

And were back with a big one, plenty of stuff to cover this week so I hope you guys dont mind if I go just a little over the usual. Zac is back with me for a full fledged no holds barred TWIW extravaganza.


This week we are once again sponsored by our friends at

Rogue Market the #1 miniatures trading forum.


Show Topics


Asmodee to stop publishing Hell Dorado

Warhammer Historical is now a division of Forge World

Infinity March 2009 Releases

Litko releases Trafalgar Templates and Token Sets

Over the wire Issue II released by Darson Designs

Ramshackle Games temporarily suspensds orders

Wyrd Chronicles Faction Spotlight Posted

Iron Ivan games releases “Without Fortune: Arnhem 1944”

Super System 3rd edition update

Monsterpocalypse series three details

AT-43 Wave 11 Photos

New Guild of Harmony Miniature releases

TerranScapes releases new Urban Barricades and Quartered Hill

Khurasan release Terran Strike Infantry Squad

Thrilling Expeditions Quarterly V1, NO 2

British and Commonwealth Vehicle Compendium from A.D. Publishing

Mississinewa release Archaic Weapon Sprues

Get your “RockStar Zombie hunter” sprues now!

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Attack of the Day Job

Hey everyone,


Just wanted to apologize for missing this last week. The day job reared its ugly head and just swamped me to the point that I could not even do a solo show.

I really appreciate all the positive feedback on the solo show, the responses were universally on the upbeat and that means a lot to me. I also liked some of the suggestiions to throw a bit more personal stuff into the solo shows, and maybe Zac and I will add a “what we are playing” segment to the weekly show and see how that goes.

Speaking of Zac, he and I just finished recording episode 26 and you can expect it to be on the feed at the regular time Monday night.

Thanks again for all the support guys, it makes all the work worth while


Oh, and to answer some requests for my personal email:

feel free to hit me anytime, It goes to my iphone so I will always get it even if I dont have time to reply right away.


Till Monday,


Big Troy

This Week in Wargaming Episode 25, the reason i dont do a solo show!

Hello all,


Zac could not make it for this week, but I wanted to try to give you a show anyway and decided to throw my best solo attempt up for you. I think you will see why I dont do solo shows, but I would love all the feedback you can give me. Feel free to tear me up, I want to be able to have something I can do when a solo show is necessary and I will need to learn by my mistakes.

This episode is once again sponsored by our friends at

Rogue Market


We only have a few stories this week but here are the links to the most important ones.

Asmodee to stop publishing Helldorado!

AE WWII SS Knight Concept Art

English Civil War and Old West starter sets from Foundry

Wargames Factory Zombies!


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