This Week in Wargaming Episode 30

And were back, again, this week.


We have a very short show for you as this is the first show on the new recording schedule and we just released one three days ago, but there has to be a first for everything.


So lets get right into the news:

Gail Force 9 Releases Full Color Axis and Allies Miniature token Sets

Axis and Allies War at Seas updates

Comfy Chair Games MechSpiders coming soon

G.O.T. Concept Art.

New Wings of War Releases from Fantasy Flight

Kolony Ferals Preview

Warlands Rattler Gun Truck Prototype

US Vehicle Compendium previews from A.D. Publishing for World at War

Uncharted Seas painted Undead Fleet

Litko releases Steampunk Fantasy tokens and templates

Troll Forged Miniatures








This Week in Wargaming Episode 29 4-17-09

And were back. We are moving to a new release and recording schedule and we will have another episode up this Friday night. So we will have two fully episodes for you this week to make up for the post Adepticon Hiatus.

This week Zac and I have plenty to talk about in addition to the news we have our What we have been playing segment as well as a short discussion of Full Thrust by popular demand

Our news topics for the week are as follows:

 April 2009 Infinity Releases

Fictive Miniatures announce first Orc figures

Reb Box Games April Releases

Federation Commander Briefing #2 released

Orc and Goblin heads from Micro Art

New AT-43 Products listed at Alliance ( Including the awesome new Red Blok, Cog and Oni army boxes)

Alliance also adds new Confrontation Boxed sets ( Army Boxes include Wolfen, Ram and Lion)

New updated Avatars of War Warpriest previews


New Orcs and Woodlanders from Splintered Light

Catalyst Game Labs to offer PDFs through participating retailers.

One Monk releases paper minis for Mutants and Death Ray Guns

Reaper Miniatures Zombie Dog Handler


Back from Adepticon, and we will be live again next week.

Hello everyone, ended up having to take a one week vacation between Adepticon, my sister not paying my damn internet bill on time (Im writting this post from my frakking iPhone) and Zac needing to change our recording date. We will be back live next week but will be changing our posting date to Fridays to reflect our new Wednesday night recording time frame.

We will have a good bit about Adepticon, a Brief review and discussion about Full Thrust ( thanks to numerous listener requests ) and of course the usual news with Zac and myself.


See you then, and have a wonderful Easter everyone.


Big Troy

This Week in Wargaming 28

Hey guys, Ive been sick as a dog this week, I managed to get the show done and uploaded and the show notes finally. Sorry for the delay.

Here is the episode


New Battletech Releases

Classic Battletech now just Battletech

eBob releases rebellion rules

Spine Spur March releases ( including the creepy orphan swarm )

z4 miniatures wave 4 released at Salute

Final Helldorado Green

WoW miniature game Spoils of War previews

Rackham selling remaining stock of metal figs at severe discount

Pulp City Heralds and Scenario Pack

Iron Halo releases war of the ring movement trays

Twilight to be unveiled at Salute 09

AD publishing releases US vehicle compendium for Battleground Evolution: World at War

Rebel minis release Ambush Z battlepack

King Zombies 28mm now on pre order

TWiW 28 Download