This Week in Wargaming Episode 32 5-8-09

OK guys but Star Trek just rocked the world and I had to see it a few times this weekend. Between that and Mothers day we had a bit of a delay, but y’all know me well enough by now to know that my planned release dates are a best guess at best.

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New Infinity Previews

Web Based Infinity Army Builder

Micro Art release Power Plant bases

Micro Art Chaos objective markers

Privateer Press August 09 releases

Forces of Warmachine: Retribution

Fantasy Flight Releases Unpublished Mutant Chronicles Command Cards

Pulp City Dr Tenebrous Preview

Warlord Releases Celtic Chieftain

New Sci Fi Scenery from Antonecettis Workshop

Federation Commander Reference Guide

Land Ironclads Olypian Army

Monsterpocalypse Series 2 Mega Pack released.

Fat Dragon Releases Medieval Dungeon Terrain sets.

Otherworld May Releases

Warmodeling releases 15mm Carthage Army

Thrilling Expeditios Quarterly Now Relased

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This Week in Wargaming Episode 31 4-29-09

Sorry for the slight delay yall, will probably happen again next week as the Start Trek Premiere takes priority over all things for this old trekker !!!


So on to our topics for this week.

Firestorm Armada Shipping date moved to June

Litko releases Gothic Future Accessories

GW previews plastic Galadhrim for War of the Rings

Zandris IV preview 6mm sci fi vehicles

Update on the state of the Incursion game from grindhouse.

Ramshakle Previews Boring Machine

Discworld Work in progress photos

Rackham makes the AT-43 amy boxes official ( this is a crazy good value guys!!!!!)

Salon du Jeu de Paris 2009 photos

Catalyst Games Labs GTS recap

Ex illisbrings software to tabletop gaming

Pulp Monsters post painted Dead Eye preview

Maxim Ini preview new post apocalyptic guns


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Attack of the Wolverine

Hey all we have this weeks episode recorded and its almost done editing, but I went to see Wolverine after work yesterday and have been working away on some yardwork all day so I will have to finish up in the morning. It should be done by afternoon tomorrow and on the feed.


see you all sunday


Big Troy