Sad announcement, I must either pass on the reins or close down the podcast.

Im sorry everyone, I did try to get back in the saddle but after returning from the Philippines my life has just not had room in it for continuing the show. I have not even had time to play any games or really be a part of the hobby so Im not the right person to be reporting on it even if I had time for the show.

I have let everyone who has hosted with me know of my decision and there have been some who are interested in helping to continue the show but none who have the time and resources to run it on thier own.

If anyone is interested in coordinating the show on a continuing basis let me know and I will put you in touch with those who were also interested. I hope that we can find a way for the show to continue but if not there is a wonderful variety of other shows that do a great job keeping the hobby community in touch with news and events in the hobby world.

Thanks again to everyone for all the kind words and support and even for the criticisms that helped me to improve the show over the last year.

Happy gaming everyone.

Big Troy signing off….