Episode AT-8 (February 26, 2010)

This Week in Wargaming features an opportunity to win a Gretel Von X figure from Grindhouse Games, This Week in Military History, February 24, 1303, and headlines covering the following news:

Fantasy Flight Games’ Battles of Westeros
Magister Militum’s 10mm Warmaster Medieval Armies
Kingdom Death’s Twilight Knight Pinup Edition
Avatars of War Bor Dragonbane
Enigma Miniatures’ Lox Jarg and Astharon
Troll Forged Trenchers
Battle Foam X-Board Travel Display
Brigade Games’ 28mm Napoleonics
Critical Mass Games’ 15mm sci-fi releases
Bastion’s Ex Illis software updated and new podcast
Wyrd Miniatures Peacekeeper for Malifaux
Olley’s Armies Scrunt Stonkers
Litko Aerosystems’ Heroscape tiles
Studio McVey’s Sharro
Chapterhouse 28mm Xenomorph alien heads

Don’t forget, the Gretel Von X contest runs through March 7, 2010!

Episode AT-8 Direct Download

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