Episode AT-9 (March 9, 2010)

This Week in Wargaming, I review Grindhouse Games’ board game Incursion, and announce the EIGHT lucky winners of a Gretel Von X figure, courtesy of Grindhouse Games.

And of course, this week’s wargaming headlines, including:
Compass Games’ Steel Wolves
Games Workshop’s new Blood Angels releases
Maxmini.eu’s wunderrocket
Tabletop-World’s Ruined Coaching Inn
Taban Miniatures Eden figures for March
Privateer Press’ Xtreme Grind League rules
Two Hour Wargames’ Adventures in the Lost Lands
Amera Plastic Mouldings’ Island and Harbor
Copplestone Castings’ 1/55 Garford-Putilov Armored Car
Scibor Monstrous Miniautres’ Easter Promotion
Kabuki Models’ Anubis, Lord of Envy
West Wind’s new Secrets of the Third Reich figures
Darkson Designs’ Soviet PSI Commandos

This Week in Wargaming is actively seeking new sponsors and new items to review. If you are interested in supporting the show or promoting your wargaming products or services, please email ken[at]thisweekinwargaming.com.

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One Response

  1. Another great episode and I really liked the review of Incursion. Sadly I wasnt a lucky Greta winner, but you got me so exited that I not only ordered Incursion but the Secrets of the Third Reich rules and some figures anyway!

    So now you have gotten me into Weired WW2 gaming, my next qustion is can we have some appropriate recommendations fromThe Score?

    Actually, I think these new purchases mean you have gained an achievment in podcasting- I have now bought more games and products based on your reviews than I have after a year of listening to the D6G! I am including a preorder of Spearpoint ’43 in this dubious honour though!

    So thanks again for another great episode and the continued fun!

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