Episode AT-10 (April 3, 2010)

This Week in Wargaming proudly welcomes its newest sponsor, the Richmond Leisure Society, who welcome you to join them for a day of gaming at Battle Hymn 2010 May 8, 2010, Richmond, Virginia.

Episode AT-10 features
Review: Mercs Minis: the KemVar,
DUDE!: Alderac Entertainment Group announces Dust:Tactics and related previews (courtesy of www.tabletopgamingnews.com), and
This Week in Military History: March 30, 1856.

And, this week’s headlines:
Khurasan’s 15mm Vespulid Swarm
Lock ‘N’ Load Publishing’s Nuklear Winter 68 and Space Infantry
Artizan Design’s 28mm Landsknechts
Mantic’s Elven Battle Dragon
Corvus Belli’s March Releases for Infinity
Minos Miniatures’ Devilettes
Bastion’s Demo Video for Ex Illis
Forge World’s new Tau Battlesuits
Victory Point Games’ Toe-to-Toe Nu’klr Combat with the Rooskies

This Week in Wargaming is proud to support the wargaming hobby by sharing new items with our listeners. If you would like to share your new game, miniature, or wargaming-related product or service with our audience, please email ken[at]thisweekinwargaming.com.

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Episode AT-10 Direct Download

11 Responses

  1. Download not working

  2. Grimblade: Everything seems to be working from what I can tell.
    What’s the issue?

    Try going to http://samuraigunslinger.libsyn.com
    Let me know if it still doesn’t work for you.

  3. Getting itunes error 8006 on a couple of podcasts including twiw

  4. Direct download still not working.

  5. I have tried iTunes and clicking the direct link on the site from three different machines now. I have no issues. Keep trying.

  6. Kept trying, and all of a sudden it started to work! Thanks for your concern. Looking forward to listening.

  7. Woking fine fo me – just need to find time to enjoy it!

  8. I have a feeling that you will paul…

  9. Nice show, thanks! This is one of my regular gaming podcasts now.

    One criticism is that the sound mix on the music breaks is very much louder than your recorded voice. I had my speakers cranked to be able to hear the reviews, and the music breaks would then come thundering out – not good for listening at work! 😀

    Other than that, great show with some nice mini finds I had been unaware of. Thanks.

    Btw, you are correct with your evaluation of Infinity minis- the detail is so sharp that washes and even drybrushing work well. Not only are those great sculpts, but they are probably the best-cast minis I have ever purchased, with virtually no flash or mold lines and incredible crispness of detail.

    Take care,

    • Thank you for the feedback, Nathan. I will pay closer attention to the levels on my music versus voice tracks.

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