All these worlds are yours except Europa.

Just over one year ago, I posted Episode AT-1, and began my attempt to keep up the great podcast Troy started. 52 weeks later, I have posted 13 episodes.

The fact is, keeping up with the podcast has proven too much for me. Podcasting is, for me, a meta-hobby: a secondary hobby in which I talk about my favorite hobby: wargaming. As my free time has shrunk, I find myself choosing painting and gaming over talking-about-gaming-and-painting. I have also made the fatal, time-crushing mistake of buying a PS3.

I want to thank all of you who have followed the show, and emailed or tweeted your thoughts. If anyone is interested in carrying on the mission, please email or tweet. If I don’t hear from anyone, the site will go offline when the domain expires in February 2011.

As for the items I have yet to review, Zac at Tabletop Gaming News has invited me to return to writing reviews for the site, which I will do for each item I have. I would like to thank Bastion, Hasslefree, Mercs, and Cipher Studios and Darkson Designs for sending me review items.
I also hope to return to recording episodes of “The Score” for the D6 Generation.

Thank you for supporting and listening to This Week in Wargaming.

5 Responses

  1. TWIW will be missed. I hope to hear from you in different venues.

  2. Well…dang…

    On the other hand, I’m glad to see you’ll be doing more of “The Score” for D6G. Maybe you can contribute another occasional short bit about historical minis and such?

    Thanks for the shows, they’ve helped to get me back into gaming.

  3. Should’ve bought a PSP Ken! You’d still be podcasting! 😉

    No seriously, TWIW was a blast, and while you say 13 episodes in a year, I say 13 great, high quality, very listenable episodes that are still going to be around for a long time on itunes etc. You’re skill with recorded audio is very high, and I do hope we get to hear more of you – and the Score is one of the best bits of the D6G (and that is saying a lot).

    Anyway, good luck, and if you ever feel like starting up “This Year in Wargaming”…? 😀

    • I will miss these excellent podcasts. But I empathise with spreading yourself too thin. Look forward to hearing you on the D6G

  4. Ken,

    I discovered the podcast late, but I’ve really enjoyed the episodes you’ve posted. The quality of your podcasting is excellent, and you produced 13 great shows which will be around on iTunes for other people to discover and enjoy. It’s your hobby, and you definately deserve to do the things in it you love. So, enjoy your wargaming, and a HUGE thank you for giving the podcast a go after Troy handed over the reins. I enjoyed every minute!!

    Take care


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