Comic of the Day: Do you smell smoke?

Sorry its been a while since I have posted a comic, been having some home issues that have made it tough to keep up with the blog and the podcast. Hopefully things should be back to normal.

So here is another good one from my friend Tracy over at The AT-43 Comic

TWiW Episode 7 – Gen Con 08 / Operation Frostbite

Episode 7


Tim Gunther from the Drop Podcast

Phil Johnson from 40k Radio

Maurice Walshe from Haunting Thunder Blog

Troy McCauley From Samurai Gunslinger Blog

GenCon Indy records record attendance for 2008

GW announces Price Increase

Final round of Space Marine Codex Rumors

Yakface’s Post on DakkaDakka

TTGN releases video demos and previews of AE-WWII, Monsterpocalypse, Mutant Chronicles, and many more

TTGN Video of Monsterpocalypse
TTGN Video of Mutant Chronicles
TTGN Video of Battlestar Galactica
TTGN main site.

FFG Now Shipping Mutant Chronicles pre painted minatures game

Fantasy Flight Mutanc Chronicles Site

Ultraforge Dragon and Demon Models released and restocked

Ultraforge Miniatures

The Summer of 2008 comes to an end.

Samurai Gunslinger reviews of
Hellboy 2
Iron Man
The Dark Knight

King Caboose


Midwestern Gamer
Emperors Chosen
Pax An


Thanks Again Everyone!!!!!!!!


Discussion Topic 1 : AT-43 Operation Frostbite Mini Review with Maurice and Tracy

AT-43 Operation Frostbite Page by FFG

Discussion Topic 2 : GEN CON 2008

AE WWII Gallery

AT-43 Operation Frostbite Photos by Tracy Constantine

Some nice images of some of the new Operation Frostbite Miniatures. Operation Frostbite was released today and should be available at your FLGS now!

Thanks To Tracy Constantine over at The AT-43 Comic for taking these great shots of the figs straight out of the box.

AT-43 Comic releases T-Shirt Line

My good friend Tracy Constantine over at the AT-43 comic has released a new line of T-Shirts, and I must heartily recomend them for fans of the game or his fine comic.

Click on the Logo for his store.

More Cog Previews, and FireCrawler Unit Card

I love the fire crawler, and Im still hopefull for the cogs although the previews are still somewhat underwealming. Keeping my fingers crossed that the cogs will turn out to be a cool faction. It will all come down the the cog afvs for me I think.

Comic of the Day AT-43 Comic, Accuracy of 1

This is something that allways bothered me about wargames, although AT-43 is better than mosed since to hit rolls are range based. Many weapons are an auto hit at point blank range.

Unless your playing Red Blok ;(

This Week in Wargaming Ep. 4 AT-43 Special

So the cursed episode is finally online!

It has been quite an experience with just about every possible thing that can go wrong with a podcast recording happening with this one. I apologize in advance that the audio quality is not up to our usual standards. I had to go back to a backup recording as the primary was lost, and then the first edit was destroyed with a hard drive crash. I learned a lot however, and I think this experience will help me to ensure better quality and faster editing in the future. I hope you all enjoy the show

Troy McCauley from SamuraiGunslinger Blog

Tim Gunther from The DropPodcast & The Forge Podcast

Maurice Walshe from HauntingThunder


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· 40k Radio Reaches 100,000 download milestone in only 6 months!

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· AT-43 .pdf faction previews for Operation Frostbite available.

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