Comic of the Day- Reality Bites

I liked this one from Extralife


Comic of the Day AT-43 Comic, Accuracy of 1

This is something that allways bothered me about wargames, although AT-43 is better than mosed since to hit rolls are range based. Many weapons are an auto hit at point blank range.

Unless your playing Red Blok ;(

Comic of the Day, Why genres shouldn't Mix

Todays comic is from Ctrl+Alt+Del

Comic of the Day – I hate it when that happens!

Another new one from Tracy Constantines AT-43 Webcomic.

I have allways hated when key units in your book take so long to be released, this has especially been the case with AT-43. It will be almost 1 1/2 years from the book’s release until loyal Red Blok Generals will finally be able to field thier ultimate weapon.

Comic of the Day, Warhammer – Light

From the king of webcomics, PennyArcade

Comic of the Day – AT-43 comic – Monkey Business

Another entry from AT-43 the comic

Comic of the Day – "Totally Decimated" from Crtl+Alt+Del