Samurai Gunslinger Daily Rant – 6-30-08( The comp police )

I want to talk about the mornic concept of political correctness and it’s bastard step child – composition scores. I have to say that I am right with George Carlin ( who is probably having Jack on the Rocks with John Belushi in the Styx River Bar and Grill right now ) that the very idea of political correct language is the height of dishonesty. And I’m even going to apply this to gaming if you bear with me here.


First of all lets all be honest, really, for once. Political correctness is nothing more than the attempt of spoiled rich (usually white) hyper liberals to reform the world into the fluffy bunny paradise they all wish it could be. Now don’t get me wrong, im not going political here really and trust me I have plenty of vitriol for both parties, and both american political ideologies, that’s not the point here.


To these people, life is easy. They live in a world of priveledge and can’t really relate to the struggles and frustrations that the rest of us deal with on a daily basis. The very idea of having to worry  about how you can feed your family is alien to them. They don’t have to worry about finding the money to fill up that gas tank one more time before you get paid again. And  god forbid if they should have to  find a new job, such struggles are alien to them.


So they have conspired to enforce a code of languge and thought upon us all in the idea that no one should ever have to be uncomfortable. Everyone should be happy all the time and if they are not they should pretend to be. This is not only an unrealistic view of the world, it is unhealthy. In the imortal words of Wesley as the Dread Pirate Roberts; “Life is pain, anyone who says differently is selling something.”


By trying to pretend otherwise we weaken ourselves before the harsh realities of real life. This is exactly what I belive the idea of composition, and to a lesser degree, sportsmanship scores has done to the hobby community. Im not saying that people should be rude or vulgar or insulting, but the idea that simply playing the game to win is somehow unsporstmanslike is absurd!


If you lost the game because your opponent brought a vampire counts army with the regeneration banner, or two lash princes, four falcons ect… just deal with it. The games allows these armies, they are perfectly legal and everyone knows about them. If you bring an army that can’t deal with a tactic that is common and well known, that’s on you. It is not the fault of the player who just kicked your butt.  The fact that the looser of such a game can then punish his opponent for bringing a better army and playing well is, to me, ludicrous in the extreme.


I could go on about this for hours, but I will sum up and finish off for the day by saying one point. Playing to win is not wrong or cheesy or evil, it’s the point of playing a war game.


I damned sure don’t want our soldiers worrying about not bringing their best weapons to the battlefield because they want to give the enemy a fighting chance. That’s Bull Shit! In war you take every advantage you can get and press that advantage at every opportunity. If you don’t, you die! Our hobby is about WAR games. The point of war is to crush your enemy, and revel in the lamentation of his women! Not to whine like a little girl because you got your teeth kicked in by a better army.


If you disagree with me, well that’s cool, you have a right to be wrong (and I,m allways willing to accept another point of view if it is better reasoned than mine). I welcome opposing points of view and a little healthy debate is good for the soul!


Daily Rant, 6-27-08 ( Please God let 'Star Trek' not suck!!!!)

Ok, so my second daily rant is not so much a rant and a giddy explosion of geeky glee. You see I am first and foremost of all things, a trekker. I love and relate to the world of Trek and have longed for decades to have something that truly was worthy as a representation of Gene Roddenberrys vision.


When I read this article from Harry of Aint it Cool News, I began to have hope that next years Star Trek, from JJ Abrams, will be just that. What really got me was the way he describes that the one small shot of the Enterprise bridge that he saw looked truly functional and real without discarding the classic imagry of the orgional series. I have a hard time imagining how this can work but if it’s true it will be my greatest cinematic fantasy made real.


He describes several other small scenes that he saw, including what sounds like a great sequence where Kirk, Spock, Uhura and McCoy are waiting to be assigned to their first ship and only McCoy and Spock get the Enterprise. The description of the look and feel of the scene and the entire movie get me exited.


This is Star Trek filmed with the production values of the Star Wars prequels but with the kind of character and depth of Serenity. That’s is what I am beginning to hope for, and it’s the feel of what I hear we are getting. Perfect casting, amazing production values and a director who cares first and foremost about making a GOOD film, not a TREK film.


I maybe just setting myself up for another in a long line of dissapointments, but maybe, just maybe the Great Bird of the Galazy is looking over us and finally decided to throw us long suffering Trekkers a frikken bone!

Samurai Gunslinger's Daily Rant, Thurs 6-26-08

So I’ve been talking to a lot of people recently about how I can improve things here and in TWIW. I wondered if I need to bring in more guest, or cut back on my own views and bring more external content in, and you know what. The most common thing everyone told me is that most of you actually like what I have to say, and wish I would say more.


So for those of you who will come to rue this day and the downfall of human civilization, well sorry but the gag is coming off. Big Troy the Samurai Gunslinger of South Philly is going to start letting everyone know what pisses me off!


Most of the time this will be genre related ranting, like my little tirade about BSG or when I tore into Wizards of the Coast for the D&D insider fiasco. Sometimes I might even go political ( whoa brother, lets not get too crazy here.)


So today Im pissed off at myself. I have spent so much time over the last 8 months here trying to please other people, and find interesting content that I have just not let myself find my own voice. I have to particularly thank S.H. and R.G. for really helping me to realize my strenghts. You know what, I do have a lot to say. Im one opinionated mother frakker so why not let it out?


We have, as a culture, become so conditioned to be ‘nice’ and politically correct that we are often afraid to say what we feel. I am as guilty of that as anyone, but that is what blogs like this are supposed to be, a way to share your views. I will make the comitment to do more of that.


Some of you will no doubt be offended by things I have to say in the coming months. Im not trying to offend anyone, and if you disagree then by all means let me know and tell me why. Be warned however, if your going to call me out, then bring you’re A game brother, cause the SamuraiGunslinger is not pulling his punches anymore!