Cromwell Kicks some Burgler Butt!!!

There is a reason I just love Mastiffs!

Just look at this big cuddly fellow. He recently protected his family from a burgler that tried to invade the home while his owner was in the bath. With the father upstairs and his 8 year old daughter alone and unprotected downstairs, things could have gone horribly wrong.

Fortunately for the familly ( but not for the prospective home invader) the familly dog Cromwell, a 300+ pound English Mastiff,  was peacefully chillin in the back yard garden, at the time.

The only warning his owner had was a deafening roar followed by the screams of the would be intruder. By the time his owner could get downstairs, all that was left of the criminal was a chewed up t-shirt. The burgler himself had dissapeared behind the cloud of burning rubber as he escaped in his van.

Good Dog!

Cromwell, was just doing what comes naturally. Mastiffs are known for being excellent family pets and natural guard dogs. They are peaceful, bark rarely and are very gentle with kids and those that they know well. They are very protective of the ones they love, however, and the combination of size and a deafening bark will scare away all but the most fearless of intruders. Better still, they are bred to challenge and chase away, not to attack imediately thus eliminating the worry of your pet accidentaly injuring a neighbor or mailman.

Did I mention I love Mastiffs?


For the Full Story: DailyMail.UK


Really Cool Retro-Scifi Tshirt store

I just saw this on Pharyngula

This guy has an awesome series of tshirts with an interesting retro sci-fi style. Great geek wear for sporting down at your local FLGS, Con or just chillin with your fellow social outcasts.

I had to order an Evil Genius, and a Space Pirate allready, and several of the other designs look cool. The price is a little steep but it is pretty standard for a Cafe Press style web store so I dont blame the guy for them.

click the image to go direct to his site and enjoy. Even if you cant afford the shirts, the images a cool and kind of fun just to browse.

IronMan 1885!

Thanks to my friend Tim Gunther from the MWU for sharing this with me.

Origionally from Gizmodo here is a cool image of a Steampunk Ironman. I may have to do a steampunk superhero gallery this weekend just because I think they rock!

for more steam powered goodness go to the origional post here.

Nice Fishey

ushark.jpgNow this guy has some serious titanium stones. Or he is just a fracking moron!

Either way, cool pic!


Were Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Gotta Love the Seven Samurai Mice


From Samurai Cats and Mice 

Were gonna need a bigger boat!

shark2.jpgOk, I know this is old, but I could not resist. Can you say Holy S**T!

 And just in case you think this is a hoax ( I did ) Proof