This Week in Wargaming Episode 34 8-9-09

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Privateer Press Announces Preview of “The Next Big Thing” for Warmachine during Gencon

Meeples and Miniatures doing weekly video review of Historical Miniatures Releases

Fantasy Flight Games launches video preview of Warhammer, Chaos in the Old world

Forge World Siege of Vraks 3 available for pre order

Arcane Legions Box Art Previews for Romans and Egyptians

Army Builder 3.2 available

Battlestar Galactica Pegasus Expansion, Rules Posted

Tumbleweed Tank Preview for AE WWII
And the 1936 Popular Science Article it is based on

AE WWII Occult concept art for SS Vampire



Empire Total War




Sorry, but I could not help at least touching on this film as it released this weekend to tepid but not terrible reviews.

The Reviews

Wargame Vault

Squadron Strike: Enterprise vs Galactica? Now we can do it!

For all those hard core sci fi geeks out there who have wondered if the Galactica could take the Enterprise, (Uhh No it couldn’t. Shields and anti matter weapons beat guns and nukes!) or if a Star Destroyer could wipe out the Andromeda (hmm, thats a tougher one) now we have a game that can do it all!

Ad Astra games, the crazy folks who brought us the Saganami Island Tactical Simulator based in the Honor Harrington Universe as well as the hyper realistic (and hyper complicated) Attack Vector : Tactical, recently announced Squadron Strike. This 3D tactical starshipcombat simulator is designed to allow any ship design from any universe to function realistically within the limits of its own universes physics. By creating three different movement types to reflect the three levels of realism usually found in sci-fi. Whether its the pure fantasy of total inertia less drive, to the half inertial movement found in shows that try to pretend realism down to the total reality of real world physics, you can choose any one of them.

Even more crazy since the rules apply to the ships themselves you Squadron Strike can actually have ships from different universes fight each other with a reasonable semblance of logic. Given the strong community support allready enjoyed by SITS this game should have fan made ship status displays for virtually every vessel in sci fi within day of its release.

If you really want to lay down some space born smack, then this game sounds like it will be a real barn burner. I have already pre-ordered and will be providing a review as soon as I get my greedy little wanna be starship captain paws on Squadron Strike when it is released!

For the official Ad Astra Press Release, go Here.