Warhammer 40k 5th edition reference sheets

Thanks to DakkaDakka for being the first to break this.

GW has released the refrence sheet and a list of important changes both in .pdf form. You can download the .pdfs directly from us here by clicking on links below.





Warhammer 40k Space Marine Previews

Warhammer 40k 5th Edition Pre Order Products

Warhammer 40k 5th Edition Space Marine Rumors

Warhammer 40k New Imperial Guard Rumors

When did Battlestar Galactica Jump the Shark?

I saw this poll over at i09 which goes right along to my recent rant on TWiW and thought you all needed to see it.

And theres never any reason not to see Starbuck, Sharon and Six in bikinis on (or at least clost to) Harleys!

After the eye candy head on over to i09 for the POLL

Episode Two of This Week in Wargaming Released!

Episode Two of This Week in Wargaming is here, we hope you enjoy the show!

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Episode Two of This Week in Wargaming is here, we hope you enjoy the show!

This Episode we had several new guests and a couple of familliar faces

New this Episode we had;

Jon “Brimstone” from the Warseer Forums
Maurice Walshe from Haunting Thunder Blog
Raef “Hollywood” Granger from The D6 Generation.

And returning from Episode One;

Tim Gunther from The Drop Podcast.
Phil Johnson from 40k Radio.


Discussion Topics:

1          Wargamers and our Image :

To the general public, wargamers are nothing but basement dwelling, acne ridden fat teenagers with no social skills or personal hygiene. As the hobby has grown and the demographics of who we as wargamers are has changed how accurate is this image? How does it differ in the US and Overseas? What can we as wargamers do to help bring our hobby the same level of acceptance slowly being gained by video games and comic culture? If Geek is the new Sheik, why are we still the bottom of the nerd ladder?

2          Wargaming and the Internet, the role of the MetaGame.

As Wargaming has grown and the acceptance of forums, blogs, and large national and international tournament competitions have become common, the internet has assumed a very prominent role in Wargaming. What some call the Metagame, the idea of internet collaboration on army design, scouting, tactics forums and discussions and statistical analysis has become part of many of our hobby. How does this help or hurt the hobby? Does it make you a more competitive gamer, or just a ‘net decking copycat? Is this practice more common in the US or overseas. Does it effect some types of games more than others, and what part if any does it play in your enjoyment of the hobby.

3          Warhammer 40k 5th Edition.

With the release of numerous full preview editions of the rulebook and the changes now public knowledge what impact do you think these changes will have on 40k in particular and the hobby in general. If you have drifted from 40k in recent years will this pull you back, or push you further away. If you are a hardcore 40k fan boy, are you happy or upset with the changes, and which of the changes do you think will make the biggest impact on the way the game is played?


This Week in Wargaming Episode One

Really Cool Retro-Scifi Tshirt store

I just saw this on Pharyngula

This guy has an awesome series of tshirts with an interesting retro sci-fi style. Great geek wear for sporting down at your local FLGS, Con or just chillin with your fellow social outcasts.

I had to order an Evil Genius, and a Space Pirate allready, and several of the other designs look cool. The price is a little steep but it is pretty standard for a Cafe Press style web store so I dont blame the guy for them.

click the image to go direct to his site and enjoy. Even if you cant afford the shirts, the images a cool and kind of fun just to browse.

As Promised, SteamPunk Superheros Gallery

From the amazing work of Silof

Steampunk SuperHeroes

Enjoy the following gallery of Steampunk Superheros, including a selection of SteamPunk Starwars figures as well. I like some better than others, in particular I really like the Green Lantern and Batman. Im not sure about the Star Wars figures, they are cool and all but Im not sure they capture the essence of the origional characters as well as the Superheros Do


Cylon Smackdown!

From io9: Full i09 post

I just could not help posting these pics, if you have not been checking out i09 I have to reccomend them highly, lots of entertaining stuff to add to your feed!

Mojo, who does effects work on bots vs. human show Battlestar Galactica, has just posted a gorgeous set of photographs that designers used to create the look of the all-metal Centurion cylons for the new show. Here you can see a cool “smackdown” picture of an old-school cylon (featured in Razor flashbacks) going head-to-head with a new-school one. What’s interesting to me, looking at these real-life models for creatures who are pure CGI in the show, is how much they’re intended resemble Roman soldiers. They even have butt-covering chain mail!

Designed by Pierre Drolet, this cylon model looks pretty badass.

Iron Man, Worlds Coolest Superhero!

Just in case there was any doubt that there is not another superhero who can so much as hold Iron Man’s Jock, there is this cover from the current issue of Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas(written by film director John Favreau).

When was the last time you saw Superman with a personal stripper entorage? And I don’t remember any stripper poles in the bat cave. Oh yeah and Spiderman, come on, dude can’t even work up the stones to ask MJ out on a date until half way through the second film.

Iron Man is THE MAN!


Iron Man smashes my Expectations, Review

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