Babylon 5 A Call To Arms 2nd Edition Ships!

Mongoose Publishing has announced that they have begun shipping copies of the second edition of Babylon 5: A Call to Arms.

From their announcement:

Over a year in development and with more playtesting hours than any Mongoose game before, the second edition of Babylon 5: A Call to Arms is now shipping. If you are in the UK or Europe, you should expect to see it within the next week or two, those further afield a week or two after that, depending on your local store and their distributor.

The new edition contains all the player suggested updates, revisions and tweaks we have culled from our forums since the game’s initial release, three years ago. The main rulebook still keeps the core system down to less than 20 pages, allowing players to jump straight in – in fact, a great deal of work has gone into explaining and clarifying the rules, meaning new players will have no trouble getting to grips with the game.

The core rules now integrate Space Stations, Planetary Assaults and Boarding Actions, there are now separate chapters for Hyperspace and Fighters, and an all new section on Admirals, allowing you to build your own fleet commanders – tailored to your own tactics. There are more scenarios than ever, the Campaign system is still present, and cut out counters are included so you can start playing straight away.

The Fleet Lists book is the partner of the main rulebook, featuring nearly twenty different fleets, plus the Ancients, plus Other Craft for you to use in special scenarios, such as the Technomage Pinnace, Ipsha Warglobe and many others. All fleets have been scrutinised intensely, and most ships have been at least tweaked a little, so there is plenty for veteran players to get their teeth into. As well as new ships and variants sprinkled throughout the book, three all new fleets have been added – the Gaim Intelligence, pak’ma’ra and the dreaded Psi Corps.