As Promised, SteamPunk Superheros Gallery

From the amazing work of Silof

Steampunk SuperHeroes

Enjoy the following gallery of Steampunk Superheros, including a selection of SteamPunk Starwars figures as well. I like some better than others, in particular I really like the Green Lantern and Batman. Im not sure about the Star Wars figures, they are cool and all but Im not sure they capture the essence of the origional characters as well as the Superheros Do



IronMan 1885!

Thanks to my friend Tim Gunther from the MWU for sharing this with me.

Origionally from Gizmodo here is a cool image of a Steampunk Ironman. I may have to do a steampunk superhero gallery this weekend just because I think they rock!

for more steam powered goodness go to the origional post here.