Cylon Smackdown!

From io9: Full i09 post

I just could not help posting these pics, if you have not been checking out i09 I have to reccomend them highly, lots of entertaining stuff to add to your feed!

Mojo, who does effects work on bots vs. human show Battlestar Galactica, has just posted a gorgeous set of photographs that designers used to create the look of the all-metal Centurion cylons for the new show. Here you can see a cool “smackdown” picture of an old-school cylon (featured in Razor flashbacks) going head-to-head with a new-school one. What’s interesting to me, looking at these real-life models for creatures who are pure CGI in the show, is how much they’re intended resemble Roman soldiers. They even have butt-covering chain mail!

Designed by Pierre Drolet, this cylon model looks pretty badass.


The Physics of Lost

A new article in Popular mechanics highlights Lost as  “the first mainstream TV show since Mr. Wizard to make science cool again.”

After interviewing showrunner Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, the mechanical journalists have their own idea of where the show is heading:

[T]he creators did let slip that the rest of this season will revolve around some very real—and very big—physics: the Large Hadron Collider, the much delayed European particle accelerator that could reveal information about the Higgs boson and dark energy. Some physicists believe the LHC will produce mini black holes, which might actually be able to open a one-way portal to another universe—a gateway that can only be kept open by a force of energy as strong as Jupiter … or an electromagnet inside a desert island. 

Michio Kaku, author of Physics of the Impossible, thinks the Lost creators are using cutting-edge science to lay the groundwork for a transversible wormhole to another point in space and time—a trip foreshadowed in an off-season video about the so-called Orchid station, which Lindelhof and Cuse promised would be a key to the next few episodes. “They’re amping up the energy to the point where space and time begin to tear, and the fabric begins to rip,” Kaku tells PM. “When the fabric of space and time begin to rip, things that we consider impossible become possible again.”

I am a big fan of the show, and it has allways been taken with a grain of salt and a hefty dose of suspension of disbelief. I find it truly facinating that the show is incorporating real world cutting edge physics and hope it does not shoot straight over the head of the audience.

The actual thrust of the PM article is to debunk the majority of Lost science, but Im still enthusiastic about the real world core of the techno babble this season.

For the full article follow the link below:

Lost science debunked.