New Dust Tactics Preview Image

Thanks to the free wi-fi in my hotel here in humid and miserable Houston, I have Another excellent image from the Dust Tactics official site of an upcoming German Special Character and her rather scary looking Mech. I continue to be impressed.


Dust Tactics Preview Gallery

Ive put together enough images now to justify a Gallery post for Dust Tactics. As a big AT-43 fan I am very exited to see how this game turns out since it will use the AT-43 rules.

DUST Tactics to use AT-43 rules system.

In a recent press release from Rachkam France the upcoming miniatures table top wargame based in Paulo Parente’s facinating DUST universe will use the award wining AT-43 rule set as it’s core system.

For those of us who are big fans of the well designed and easy to play AT-43 system this is great news. The alternative history World War II subgenre is a particular favorite of mine. The addition of an injection of barely understood alien technology into a WWII setting will allow for battle walkers akin to the AFV walkers used in AT-43.

Although the game will use the same basic system all reports indicate that while the units from the two systems could face on another using the same rules in many cases. I have included a few previews of the minatures as well as a link to the main DUST site.

Click image for Dust Gallery


AT-43 Cogs Preview


Karman King Buggy Preview.

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