This Week in Wargaming Episode 34 8-9-09

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Privateer Press Announces Preview of “The Next Big Thing” for Warmachine during Gencon

Meeples and Miniatures doing weekly video review of Historical Miniatures Releases

Fantasy Flight Games launches video preview of Warhammer, Chaos in the Old world

Forge World Siege of Vraks 3 available for pre order

Arcane Legions Box Art Previews for Romans and Egyptians

Army Builder 3.2 available

Battlestar Galactica Pegasus Expansion, Rules Posted

Tumbleweed Tank Preview for AE WWII
And the 1936 Popular Science Article it is based on

AE WWII Occult concept art for SS Vampire



Empire Total War




Sorry, but I could not help at least touching on this film as it released this weekend to tepid but not terrible reviews.

The Reviews

Wargame Vault

The D6 Generation, Episode 13: Battlelore, Hordes, Civ Review

In Episode 13 we give an in depth review of the Days of Wonder board game Battlelore.  We also dive into Privateer Press’s miniature war game Hordes.

Plus our usual antics including:

– When Wives Attack
– Off the Table (Civilization Revolution)
– The Hollywood Minute
– & More

We also discuss the contest rules to win pre-painted Hordes models by Click Here to see photos of the models.

If you’d like to discuss the show with us and others in our forum thread: click here.

This Week in Wargaming E5 – 40k 5th Edition


Troy McCauley from
Andrew Sutton aka Stelek from
Jon “Brimstone” from
Tim Gunther from The Drop Podcast

News Items

· AT-43 Dotch Yaga Preview and additional Cog previews

Dotch Yaga and Cog Previews

Additional Cog Previews & Fire Crawler Unit Card

· Summary of Matt Wilson & Eric Yaple’s Monsterpocalypse Interview

Wizard Universe Interview

· Bell of Lost Souls Releases Macharian Crusade

Macharian Crusade

Warhammer 30k

· GW 40k Design Philosphy Podcasts

Podcast Link

· Rackham & Fantasy Flight Announce Organized Play Program

· Dawn of War II Cinematic Trailer and Screenshots show promise

· 40k 5th Edition FAQ’s released

· Alliance now Distributing Flames of War

· Codex Space Marine Rumor Rundown

Discussion Topic

Warhammer 40k 5th Edition

· Very Quick rundown on the major changes

· Effects on friendly play

· FAQ and changes to individual Factions/Armies

· The tournament scene

· Influences from other games

· How it will effect the future of the GW hobby

· Final Thoughts

Podhammer Episode 24- Grailcast

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Total Wargamer



Episode Sponsor – Brennan Martin – Thanks for your support


Shownotes for Episode 24

  • Intro music: “Holy Grail” – Hunters and Collectors

First podcast back after my wedding and we have a massive show with Marcelo Rouco to discuss his upcoming tournament “The Pilgramage” August 23rd-24th and the mighty Brettonians

  • Download the players pack here

Warhammer News:

Topic of the Week

  • Marcelo Rouco – Australias best Brettonian general joins me to discuss his pride and joy – the mighty Brettonians! We cover every aspect of one of the most feared armies in the Warhammer World.

Thanks for listening to the show. Don’t forget to sign up for Pilgramage. Make sure you let em know Jeff sent ya!

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The D6 Generation Episode Episode 8

This time the guys at The D6 Generation give us an in depth preview of the biggest thing to hit RPGs in a decade, the long awaited and hotly debated Dungeons And Dragons 4th Edition.

Check out their website for downloads and shownotes.

The D6 Generation


Samurai Gunslinger Review of The D6 Generation

The D6 Generation Episode 7 available.


This episode features an interesting review of Shadows over Camelot, some facinating examinations of how game mechanics compare with one another from system to system along with all the usual segments we have come to know and love from Russ,Craig and Hollywood.

Click Here for Episode Show Notes and Download links. D6 GENERATION E7

Drop Podcast Episode 44 Available

Episode 44 of The Drop Pod Cast is now available for download.
From their announcement: In this episode:
News From The Front Lines:
  • 40K 5th Edition LE Preview
  • New Citadel Advanced Orders
  • WAR Newsletter
Unit of the Show: Skaven Night Runners Welcome to the Underhive:
Necromunda Talk
Listener Feedback
For full show notes and Episode Download: Drop Podcast Ep 44