TWIW Episode AT-2 (December 17, 2009)

In this solo episode, Ken Whitehurst presents this week’s news from around the world of wargaming, including items from Brigade Models, Privateer Press, Tabletop Gaming News, Smart Max, Forge World, Gale Force 9, and more.

This Week in Military History: December 16, 1944.

Fantasy Flight Games’ Horus Heresy: Dude.

This Week in Wargaming is sponsored by The Williamsburg Muster wargaming convention, February 5-7, 2010, Williamsburg, Virginia.

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This Week in Wargaming Podcast, Episode 33

This Week in Wargaming Episode 33 8/2/09

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Board and Tabletop Gaming:



Battlefoam Trade in Program

Battlestar Galactica, Pegasus Previews from FFG

Helldorado Update, Possible US buyer to take over the game.

Privateer Press Legion of Everblight preview, plastic kit

Alkemy announces plans for Genesis living rulebook

Some Previews of Space Wolves and Ork Super Kannon

Computer Gaming



Mech Warrior Trailer

Mech Warrior Q&A session

WW2 A Time of Wrath

Genre Related Media:


District Nine Preview and Website

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Wargame Vault

Warmachine Legends Preview Gallery

Here we have a full collection of all of the current preview images for the upcoming Warmachine Legends expansion on one convinient page for your enjoyment.